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What to Anticipate When Your North Cobb Preschooler Starts Self-dressing

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As your child grows and becomes more independent, you will begin to notice more developmental milestones being achieved. One of these milestones will be self-dressing. Preschoolers are always striving to be more self-sufficient, and self-dressing is one way to help your child feel more independent. Here, we take a closer look at how you can encourage your child to learn to self-dress confidently:

What to do when your child does not understand how a piece of clothing works

Allow your child to experiment with clothing with the understanding that a few mistakes, such as putting a shirt on inside-out, will happen. Encourage your child to try to figure out how a piece of clothing works, and, if he or she continues to struggle, lend your assistance and gently explain the correct way to put it on. Encourage your preschooler to keep trying even when he or she is struggling. Eventually, with your support, your child will learn.

Dressing appropriately

Once self-dressing begins, it may be difficult to convince your child to put on something else than what he or she has chosen. Let your child experiment with clothing, even though your suggestions may not be appealing to your child. You will need to help your child learn about dressing differently according to the weather or the occasion.

Be Patient

Some key factors to keep in mind when teaching your child to self-dress is having patience, keeping it simple in the beginning by limiting choices, and being sure to plan for more time.

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