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What should your North Cobb County preschooler know about money?

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We spend over 20 years of our lives trying to attain the best school and college education possible in order to get a good job and have the lifestyle we want. Learning about money and its value should start at a young age. All preschool children should have some sort of idea what money is and how it works. However, how much should your child really know about money? We explore some of the things your preschooler should know about money.

Introduce your child to coins

Preschool is a great time to introduce your child to coins and their values. There are a number of ways you can do this. Start with coin identification first, teaching him or her how to differentiate between certain coins, such as nickels and dimes. Then you can help with learning how to put the smaller value coins together to make a higher value, and show that higher value coin, such as a quarter. If you have any coins from other countries, this is an opportunity to teach your child about money from those countries and expose them to a bit of new culture through your experiences.

Give your child a few coins and let him or her pay for something small, like a small piece of fruit

This helps you instill the value of money in your child and helps them realize that they can not have anything they want, exactly when they want it. You can show him or her the cost difference with coins between an apple, a banana and an orange. In doing it this way, they will begin to understand that money is exchanged for products and that products have different values. By allowing preschooler to pay for something on their own, he or she will begin to learn how these transactions work.

Explain that you need to work in order to earn money

Explain to your child that in order to earn money, you need to work. This is an invaluable lesson, since it highlights the reality that nothing comes for free. You can begin to teach your child the concept of work by having them pick up some toys in exchange for some small coins. Be sure to explain that each “job” is worth a certain amount of money, and when it is time for your child to be paid you can count the coins together and talk about a piggybank savings plan!

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