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North Cobb Child Care: How to tell whether your infant is getting enough breast milk

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One of the most common questions faced by a new mother is whether or not her infant is receiving enough breast milk. Fortunately, there are a number of different ways that you can determine whether or not your infant is getting enough breast milk as outlined by infant care professionals. This information is for general information only. Contact your physician for professional advice. 

Wet diapers

One of the best indicators of whether your infant is getting enough milk is by the number of wet diapers produced every day. If your child is getting enough milk, he or she will likely produce between four and six wet diapers on a daily basis. After around four to six weeks, the measurement of a wet diaper increases to around five or six tablespoons of water.

Weight gain or loss

The first few days of your infant’s life after birth are characterized by an average weight loss of between five and seven percent. This is a naturally occurring process that comes about due to the loss of excess fluids. After this, on average, infant care professionals note that an ounce or two of weight should be gained every week. Consult with your pediatrician during the weekly checkup to see if your infant is receiving enough milk.

Keep an eye on the stools

Your infant should be producing around two or three yellow stools every day during the first four weeks after birth. Once the stomach has had time to mature, the frequency of bowel movements will decline. This normally occurs after one month, when your infant may only experience a single bowel movement a day.

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