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Can preschool affect your child’s ability to socialize in later years?

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Preschool is fundamental for helping young children adapt to schooling outside of the home. This is a transition stage between home and elementary school and is where young children learn to socialize with unfamiliar peers and adults. Therefore, attending preschool will benefit your child into the future by providing him with important social skills.

At Kids R Kids North Cobb we will teach your preschooler communication skills and how to have healthy interaction among peers. This helps build self-confidence and empathy, and he will learn how to navigate his own behavior. Our teachers have experience managing misbehavior in young children. We have a structured, yet flexible, preschool program that allows your child to progress at his own pace. With our philosophy of “Hug First,Then Teach." We provide love and security so your child will be open to learning and engaging with his peers. These lessons in working with others will become the basis for successful social interaction in the future.

We also integrate parents into the process through regular feedback so that your child, his teachers, and  you are working together to make learning fun yet effective. Internet access is available for you to view your child’s daily activities through a password-secured site. Most of our owners are parents and grandparents, so we know how important it is for parents to be involved.

We address the whole child by promoting:

●  Developmentally-Appropriate Practices

● Hands-on Involvement

● Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Skills

● Character Development

● Vocabulary

● Social-Emotional Activities

● Literacy Skills

Your preschooler will be in well-organized, child-sized classrooms with a schedule that allows for a balance of active and quiet activities. Learn about our Fast Track ™  that exposes preschoolers to language arts, STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), and health and physical education. 

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