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Breastfeeding and how to gauge if your infant is getting enough breast milk

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Knowing if your baby is getting enough breast milk during a feeding is an imperative component of infant care. A baby will need no other nutritional source for the first six months of life if breastfeeding begins and continues after birth. This blog will examine how to know if your baby is receiving enough breast milk during feedings.

Babies usually relax and fall asleep after a sufficient feeding

When tiny stomachs become full, infants often become lethargic and sleep upon feeling well-fed and satisfied. If a baby shows signs of restlessness, sucks on your fingers or other objects, is cranky, and seems to want more, chances are a baby has not received enough milk.

Diapers and the number of daily changings

If an infant is receiving the correct amount of nutrition, between six-to-ten daily diaper changes should occur. A transparent, water-colored liquid is the key to a well-fed and sufficiently hydrated baby. A darker liquid, resembling apple juice, equates to dehydration from not receiving enough breast milk.

Latching is the key to successful breastfeeding

Improper latching can be painful for mothers and is often the difference between a baby receiving too little breast milk or the correct amount. An infant’s mouth should be open and as wide as possible before attaching to the breast, with the baby’s chin touching the mother, but allowing plenty of air by not covering the baby’s nose. If breastfeeding is painful for a mother beyond the initial sting, then latching is probably the key to a better breastfeeding experience for both baby and the mother.

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